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The Dowland Project began as an attempt to re-discover the essence of renaissance song from the point of view of a modern performer, by bringing together jazz improvisers and musicians from the world of early music. The group made its debut at the Bremen Musikfest, and has since performed on both sides of the Atlantic including St Patrick's Cathedral New York, the Munich Opera House and London’s South Bank as well as quirkier venues including a lava tube in Lanzarote. The current line-up consists of John Potter with John Surman (sax/bass clarinet), Milos Valent (fiddles) and Jacob Heringman (lutes) and the ensemble now explores both older and more recent music from troubadour songs to German Lieder and English folksong.

Dowland Project
’Mesmeric and magical...ravishingly beautiful... John Potter, one of the finest tenors around...‘

BBC Music Magazine

’Romaria is as pure a musical experience as you're likely to have.‘Gramophone ’Yet another example of his trailblazing steerage and vision...‘

All About Jazz

’With 'Romaria' new territory is broached: it's a stunning disc, in which the Project's particular brand of "crossover" is completely validated.‘


’The pieces [on Night Sessions] flow together beautifully, linked by a sonic environment and a noir-ish approach… with its sustained, nocturnal mood and subtle musical surprises, this is an album that reveals more of itself with each listen.‘

John Schaefer emusic

’The Dowland Project represent a marvellous flight of time-travel across entire centuries and cultures – post-crossover riffs on everything from a Portuguese pilgrim song to Byzantine chant to Italian and French lute fantasies. If you’ve never heard soprano saxophonist John Surman’s imaginative dialogues with folk fiddle, ancient plucked instruments, modern strings, winds and percussion, you’re in for quite an aural odyssey, just the ticket for late-night listening.‘

Chicago Tribune

ECM Discography

Night Sessions
ECM New Series
ECM New Series
Care-charming sleep
ECM New Series
John Dowland:
In Darkness let me Dwell
ECM New Series 1697

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